Aaron is a licensed minister, who was called into the ministry at a young age, but heeded to the call in 2009. Originally from Millers Creek, NC, he became a Youth Leader at Crossfire United Methodist Church in Wilkesboro, NC in 2010. From July 2020 to April 2021, Aaron and his wife, Victoria served as Youth Pastors at People’s Tabernacle Church in Savannah, TN. Aaron is an anointed man of God. His words have affected many people throughout the years. His testimony ministers to all, proving that God can reach down in your lowest place and pull you out just in time. Our lives require sacrifice, and as Aaron sacrificed his life to Jesus, he found a love that cannot be measured. His whole life was changed. Aaron and his wife, Victoria are currently serving as Youth Pastors at The Fire Place Fellowship in Hendersonville, TN.


Name: Aaron Matthew Bowlin

Birthday: 2/4/1988

Position: Evangelist / Youth Pastor

Nickname: Killer Bee, A-A-Ron

Favorite Food: Country Cooking

Favorite Singer / Artist: My Wife, Sent By Ravens

Favorite Scripture: Matthew 17:20

Favorite Musician: Lindsey Stirling

Hometown: Millers Creek, NC

Current City: Springfield, TN

Favorite Pastime Artist: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Favorite Hymn: Amazing Grace

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Stop on the Road: Tony Gore's Smokey Mountain BBQ & Grill

Most Influential Person: Oral Roberts